Selling your company is perhaps the most important transaction you’ll ever undertake. You owe it to yourself, your family, and your employees to approach this process with the same careful planning and dedication you put to work in building your business.

Unmatched Experience

Empire specializes in assisting business owners in the selling of their northeast Ohio companies. Over 20 years, we have successfully sold more than 120 businesses valued at $220 million.

Ultimate Exposure

Empire makes sure your business gets the broadest possible exposure, beyond what you could generate on your own. To sell your business, we leverage our nationwide network of offices and buyers, the internet, newspapers, multiple-listing services, direct marketing, our Buyer Email Alert, and other proprietary techniques. We understand how to package and present your business in a way that resonates with prospective buyers.


When you sell your business yourself, or through many other brokers, it is very difficult to keep private not only the fact that your business is for sale, but also financial records and other sensitive details about your company. This exposure can damage your business, as employees and customers worry about what will happen when the business sells, or if unscrupulous individuals use your confidential information for their gain. Empire employs a proven methodology and rigorous procedures to protect your confidentiality.

Peace of Mind

Empire saves you the time and aggravation of finding, qualifying, and negotiating with buyers, allowing you concentrate on running your business.

Extraordinary Service

Empire’s team of qualified professionals will utilize whatever resources are necessary to get your business sold – quickly and at a fair price. We are highly responsive to your needs, and those of potential buyers, because we understand that is how businesses are sold.

Maximize the Value of Your Business

Obviously, you don’t want to sell your business for too little, but you also don’t want to price it too high and possibly scare off legitimate buyers. We have a thorough understanding of the northeast Ohio marketplace, which helps us determine a realistic and fair price for your company.

No Up-Front Fees

Unlike most brokers, Empire does not charge any fees up-front. We are confident in our abilities and of our role in the process – we get paid when your business is sold.

Getting Started

Please contact us so we can “just talk” and answer your questions. We can provide a no-cost, confidential, market analysis of your company. Call Michael Benson at 440-461-2202 to arrange a time and quiet place to meet for a confidential meeting.