Empire has developed and refined a specific methodology to sell privately held businesses. Listed here, are steps involved in our proven system, designed to conduct the successful sale of a company in an efficient and professional manner. These steps are listed below.


Introductory Meeting

Understanding and establishing a business owner’s goals is the key to a successful sale. We meet with you for an in-depth discussion of your objectives, to answer questions and provide information, and to determine your level of interest in selling your company at this time.

Business Valuation

To help you evaluate whether to sell, we will work together to determine an asking price for the business. While our years of experience and knowledge of the current market enable us to provide a very realistic sales price for your company, a professional, independent business appraisal can be arranged at your request.

Tax Evaluation

After establishing a likely price has been established, Empire will work with your accounting firm to determine the tax of the ramifications sale. This allows us to structure the terms of the transaction to minimize your taxes and maximize your value.

Decision Time

After we determine a price, define the terms of a possible sale, and understand the tax ramifications, you then decide if this is the right time for you to sell. If so, we will sign a listing agreement and start the next step in the process.

Prospectus/Offering Memorandum

For larger businesses we assemble a comprehensive prospectus/offering memorandum to market and sell your company. This document, similar in format to those utilized to sell Fortune 500 corporations, is one of the major tools we use to sell your business.


In addition to the prospectus/offering memorandum, we also write a shorter, less detailed, “blind” summary of the business. This “synopsis” gives potential buyers a basic description of the business without revealing the identity of the company or any sensitive information. After reviewing the synopsis, potential buyers with serious interest are required to sign a confidentiality agreement before reviewing the prospectus/offering memorandum.

Marketing Plan

After reviewing the unique aspects of your company, as well as your personal goals and desires, we work with you to custom design the best strategy to sell your business in an efficient and successful manner.

Empire’s marketing techniques include database searches for synergistic buyers, targeted mailings, and other industry-specific methods best suited to your and your company’s situation. This is one of many differences between Empire and other business brokerage firms: we don’t wait for the right buyer to come along – we actively market the companies we represent.

At Empire, we understand how to make deals happen.