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      Machine Builder with Product Line

This manufacturing company serves three distinctly different market segments that is available for acquisition.
EXTRUDERSThey design and manufacture extruders to serve “cold feed applications.
EXTRUSION TOOLINGThey offer a line of strip, pellet and blown film dies developed in house over the years for a wide variety of extruded products.
PRECISION MACHININGThey have large capacity CNC turning centers and milling machines, CNC boring mills and large capacity EDM.
Sales     $5,070,753     Price   $3,837,000  EBITDA    $799,381


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                    Coming Soon

Installer of Under-Ground & Above-Ground Telecommunications Systems

– Turnaround Opportunity –
SALES     $12M


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Empire Business Associates, a Northeast Ohio merger and acquisition firm, represents a company that specializes in painting bridges that have varied from Arch to Truss to Beam to Suspension Bridges that is available for acquisition.
With over sixteen plus years as an industrial painting company, their customers have come to trust them for their consistent quality and fair pricing. They have experienced professionals using the latest equipment and technology.
Sales     $13,305,391
Price     Will listen to offers


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Some of the Businesses Sold by Empire

 Company                                                                                Sales


Contract Engineering / Manufacturing                         $1,091,966
Powder Coating Company                                               $1,078,678
Media Change Out  Company                                        $2,072,200
Sheet Metal Manufacturing Company                          $4,132,013
HVAC Company                                                                    $558,023
Motion Control Distributor                                             $1,806,453
Large Turning Machine Shop                                          $1,287,106
Commercial Carpet Company                                           $988,486
Commercial Glass Company                                              $847,584
Manufacturer of Septic Systems                                   $5,900,000
Electrical Contracting Company                                    $1,749,078
CNC Machining                                                                $1,532,607
Pneumatic Tooling Supply Company                            $3,279,266
Construction Estimating Company                               $1,341,640
Moving & Storage Company                                          $1,749,078
Order Fulfillment Company                                               $711,373
Truck Parts Distributor/Wholesale                                $5,850,000
Cutting Wheels Manufacturer                                          $835,407
Precision Metal Stamping Company                                $816,495
Organic Farming Supply Company                                $1,269,377
Machine Builder                                                               $1,068,903
Industrial Automation Components                             $2,240,531
Building Automated Equipment                                    $4,837,506
High Quality – Coating House                                           $890,021
Industrial Engine Parts Distributor                                $2,616,775
Steel Erection & Fabrication                                           $3,606,787
Manufacturer of Slit Textiles                                          $1,378,786
Direct Mail Service                                                           $1,255,067
Residential Glass Company                                                $465,771
Mini Boat Manufacturer                                                     $560,906
Mfg. of New & Re-Manufactured Sheers                      $1,068,907
Manufacturer of Fans                                                          $727,028
Mfg. of Deburring Equipment                                         $3,322,565
Tanning Equipment Manufacturer                                 $2,130,800
Stamping Company                                                           $1,432,606
Contract Panel Company                                                     $654,750